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Disorderly Feelings

Shuvo Banerjee
Wed, May 22 2013

Photography: Rajat Dey

About Shuvo

My association with poetry dates back to school days as I grew up under the tutelage of my late father Bejoy Krishna Bandyopadhyay, a renowned poet of the 60's whose writings used to be published in Bengali magazine Desh. But staying abroad has played a key role in me becoming a poet as it is a key part of my existence.

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This beautiful earth under the azure sky
And that boundless blue over our green earth
And the merry sun of a spring morn
And when the shadows of darkness fall
The earth falls asleep like a little girl on daddy's lap.
And, descending like the morning dew
Hushed sobs on windswept trees
Of men, women and children
Fast asleep, under this endless sky
On the boulevard of their broken dreams
We can hear
Their endless cries
Like a pithy murmur
Hanging everywhere
In the air
As our mundane life comes to a standstill
An eerie silence pervades
And the further we try to run away
The same pain and suffering is here to stay
These little hopes and big dreams
The same sorrows will chime in our heart
All these disorderly feelings
And pent up silence
However much we try to forget
They will always haunt us
And, those estranged feelings will come alive.

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bullet Comments:

Kajari Guha (Tuesday, May 27 2014):
'The expression "The earth falls asleep like a little girl on daddy's lap" is overwhelming.Keep it up dear!


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