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Durga Puja Live @ Kolkata

Shom Dasgupta
Wed, Oct 1 2014

Photo: Rajat Dey

About Shom

His passion makes Somnath believe that music will one day change the world. Someone who enjoys breaking away from the norms and playing with non-conventional ideas, he wrote his first poem when barely 16 and the tradition continues...

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ছড়ায় বিশ্বকাপ


Jammed Streets
Cramped causeways
Its only 1 am in the morning.
Millions of beings lined up side by side, pushing, elbowing out,
For their annual dose of piousness.
Lakhs of cars honk and crawl bumper to bumper
Some thousands of Kilowatts of Super Charged Mercury
Spray all shades of lights
As the festivals of all festivals comes into their sight.
Being the 150th year of Tagore’s Birth anniversary
High definition Peavey speakers belch out Tagore’s numbers
Incessantly, one after the other
While the omnipresent Bollywood songs are silent or absent.
Amazing and the weirdest shapes of light
Keep on constructing figures from Mahabharata to Anna Hazare,
Almost a ten storied high immaculately decorated temple stands aloft
To house Ma Durga for just about ten days
Inside the sanctum sanctorum
Brilliant brass
chandeliers remain suspended
And the intricate glassworks reflect a million faces of awe and disbelief,
Just outside the temple
Lines of fast food joints sell their amazing stuff
The Polly Rolly Phuckas
The Resplendant Rolls
The Baffling Biriyani
The Dudley Dahi Phuckas
The Batterred Bhel Puris
The Jealous Jhal Muri’s
The Confusingly Confucius Chowmein
The Abstract Alu kabli
The Paternal Patty
The Inquisitive Ice Creams
The Maharaja Moghlai Parathas
The Depressing Dosas
The Mummy Momos
The Knowledgeable Kachoris
The list goes on as one can see
They vendors work like machines, as the fever rises with every passing minute into the night.
The city is just alive like day time.
Busses and auto’s ply as if its 10 am in the morning
The Metro Services hush past station after station
With crammed bogeys pushing for more space.
People from far and near jostle for an inch
As time runs out fast for getting a glimpse of the best Puja.
Meanwhile the Press crews from various channels have a tough time
Getting bytes from Grand Dads to school girls flashing their first boyfriends,
Right from eight years to eighty years its time for people to show off
Their best designer dresses
Most of the trousers or shirts yawn deftly with their shaken creases still not ironed out!
Some pals huddled together discuss on immediate plans for couple of shots
Behind the park where it’s shady with some active figures in the dark.
Meanwhile, a group of young married women get onto their favourite groove of bitching about their In-Laws and the Puja gifts that they got this time.
A group of men in their late thirties sporting round shiny faces discuss on the menu on offer near the Puja grounds tomorrow.
Elderly ladies talk softly amongst themselves on the low hem cut her daughter in law is wearing this evening
While some of them ignore some of them for taking a pick at their old haggard husbands.
Nearby, the lake on the park side comes alive with so many colours it found at night.

Not far away from this ecstatic civilization - Purabi ,
An elderly lady who lost her husband decades ago and with no one to look forward to on either side
Sits by the window side, as her memories of yesteryears bring her a smile.

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