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When eves hog lenslight

Marriage is about emotions, a kaleidoscope of joyful melodrama; none can sense and capture them better than a lens woman

Parna Banerjee
Thu, Mar 27 2014

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About Parna

I specialize in Lifestyle, Portraiture & Wedding photography. I consider it a blessing to meet new people and capture a moment in their lives to preserve forever. My goal is to make my subject feel comfortable, look fabulous in their photos, have fun and to provide them with photos that they will cherish and love!
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People fascinate me and I always want to see them beyond their normal self. How their inherent inner beauty can get reflected on their outer demeanor. It’s something that enthralled me since childhood. What started as the default family photographer with a ‘now gone’ photo-roll-loading inexpensive camera triggered my passion for photography.

 Our lives are nothing but an album of moments that we treasure forever. Through snaps I try to capture unique moments, emotions and piece together a story within a frame.

My fascination towards wedding photography stems from the fact that weddings are a time of brimming emotions. A kaleidoscope of joyful melodrama and an occasion when moments that ought to be treasured as memories present themselves bountifully to the photographer.

Today, I feel privileged to have turned my passion into my full-time profession, after having spent all those years in an administrative career. Wedding photography, traditionally a male-dominated space is now seeing a lot more women folk. After all, a wedding is a lot about the bride, the emotions, the minute details and so many candid moments. And that’s a woman’s forte for sure to comprehend and be attached with.

 As a lens woman, I enjoy advantages over guys when snapping wedding pictures. Who can deny the easy access to the bride and women guests so that you can click those ‘getting ready’ moments, when she is getting her make-up done, or decking up with the jewelleries of her mother, family members or friends. For a bride those are priceless memories to cherish forever. Brides feel at home with a woman photographer around.

I end up making genuine friends with the bride and other girls, and have remained friends with most of them. Shooting becomes fun for me and for them as well. As a girl, I get more emotionally attached with them and that gets reflected in my shots and snaps.

Unlike old days, when only the family elders decided on the wedding photographer, today the bride plays an important role in deciding who should click her wedding images. She wants to be photographed by someone she is comfortable with. And most often, a bride prefers a lens woman. Moreover, it’s financially rewarding and emotionally satisfying as a woman to document a marriage and be a part of a couple’s most important and beautiful day.

 While I enjoy being part of the celebration- capturing intricate moments, there is one aspect gets a miss. Like any other girl, I love to dress up, and spend hours in a salon and fuss around about what to wear before going to attend a wedding. It’s such great fun. But when shooting, I barely get to dress up for the occasion. On the job, I have to run around, kneel and even lie down at times to get the perfect shot. So my dress and footwear are only fit for purpose and lacks the celebratory aura. I try to put on minimal make-up so as not to stick out like an eye-sore.

Travelling around the world with a camera in hand, knowing models and celebrities, and experiencing the adventures in outdoor shoots are a few misconceptions about the lives of most photographers. The truth is that photographers, particularly freelancers, spend more time away from the camera than they do behind the lens. Most details go into setting up, producing and marketing that one great shot.

The pros and cons of a photography career are subjective, but whether you value freedom over structure or an irregular income over a definite pay packet is entirely an individual choice. It’s a matter of personal gratification and work satisfaction. As for a wedding photographer from the fairer sex, I see a phenomenal growth opportunity that the career presents. I am sure I will never have a dearth of happy couples all over the world calling me to capture their marriage moments for a lifetime of cherished memories.

As a photographer, it is more important to click with people than to click the shutter. – Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Shriniwas Pawar (Sunday, Mar 30 2014):
We were lucky to have Parna Banerjee as lead photographer at our wedding ceremony. Her creativity and highly professional attitude was all that made me to give her the assignment. After looking at the results, we are extremely happy for our decision. Every image she captured has different dimensions and narrates it's own story. Looking forward to work with her again in future.


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