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Tricolour & Rose Petals

Orange for courage, white in the middle stands for peace and green for growth.

Fri, Aug 21 2015

All Photographs: Anton Kogtev

About Anton

In my spare time I love to play ping pong, take photos and read books. My favorite books are detectives Arthur Conan Doyle. I like to play pool. This summer my dad and I went to play pool with a proffesional trainer. Sometimes we play pool with my dad and I manage to win. But it happens rarely and dad very happy with my progress.

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One of my hobbies is photography which I have developed over the last four years. Last week my father told me that I am invited to the Indian Independence Day celebration. I immediately agreed because I was keen to attend the event as a photographer and eager to take beautiful photographs. The night before I charged my camera, cleared the memory and could hardly wait in excitement because this would be my first experience in an official event as a photographer.

When we reached the Indian Embassy, which is situated in the central part of Moscow, we were greeted by people dressed in colourful traditional Indian clothes and the territory was decorated with many tri-colour balloons. I came to know orange, green and white is the colour of Indian flag and each colour mean something. Orange for courage, white in the middle stands for peace and green for growth. Then we walked up to the stage and waited for the concert to begin. Exactly at 9:30 am the Indian ambassador arrived and suddenly the Indian flag opened throwing many rose petals around. This was a big surprise for me. It was a very beautiful and unusual sight and I was very excited that I managed to take a photo. After this, everyone sang the Indian national anthem and then the concert by the Indian children began. I liked the Indian songs, played and sung by the children, dressed in beautiful traditional outfits, it was very touching. I came to know that some of the songs were about people who gave their lives to free India.

After the concert, the ambassador along with his wife cut a huge cake and all children were given a piece. I also received one. I walked around and took many pictures. I liked that the people were very friendly and cheerful. I could talk with them and take photos even with the army officers of India. They wore very interesting dress and shook hands with me. I even managed to chat with the Ambassador of India and take a photo with him. It was an unforgettable conversation. I was able to do a lot of interesting shots. I am glad that I was fortunate enough to participate in a very important event for India – the celebration of Independence Day. I think this is probably one of the most interesting day this year.

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