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My Greek Holiday

It was a lovely blend of history and the contemporary.

Priam Ghatak
Tue, Jul 8 2014

About Priam

Priam is a student of Carre’s Grammar School in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. He enjoys, travel, music and playing guitar.

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It was about eight in the evening when we landed at the Athens Airport and it was quite dark. The cabbie, who drove us to our holiday villa was very friendly and hospitable.

When we reached our holiday home in a small town named Artemida, near Athens, we were welcomed by the coastline and the high tide of the Aegean Sea. The weather was warm and pleasant, a great relief from the cold English weather.

As it was quite dark we could not appreciate the true beauty of the surroundings of our holiday villa but were sure to explore the area the next day. We were greeted by the owners of the villa, who were warm and neighbourly. They had briefed us about the house and the town, and then they left us to enjoy our holiday.

It was time for some dinner, so we went in search for the nearest taverna for a meal. We soon stumbled upon a promising looking taverna, and went to try it. Looking at the menu it seemed they specialised in meat, which I was quite fond of.

The taverna also had live music albeit it didn’t last very long. The portions of the meals were very generous, this turned out to be a trend for the remainder of the holiday. We had finished our hearty meal and retired back to our villa.

The next day we woke up early only to be greeted by the blue Aegean Sea in front of us. It was a breath-taking scene. We then visited nearby shops to acquire groceries to cook for the night. There were many interesting shops in the town.

After shopping, our next stop was to visit Cape Sounion. We were greeted by our driver Panagiotis for the rest of the holiday. It was about a 40 mile drive to the Cape Sounion. When we arrived we were in awe and the sights were extravagant. We were at such a high altitude and there was a lovely drop right down to the Aegean Sea. We stayed around and took pictures for a while and then we returned back to our villa.

Our first day had been good, we began to familiarise the town and visited the first of many landmarks. Next day we had no visits planned, so we were just resting and relaxing in our villa. We went out and travelled around the town, visiting new and exotic shops. The scenery was beautiful as the shops and tavernas were located on a road just opposite to the shore.

We visited the beach, steps outside our villa just for a quick dabble in the water. I visited an ice cream parlour which was very close to where we stayed. Later, we went to a kebab shop in the centre of the town, it was extremely good, the servings were very generous and meat was so succulent.

We woke up very early the next day as we were off for the day going to Athens. Panagiotis was here on time to take us there. We then travelled to a train station to meet Nicols, our tour guide, for the day. He was friendly and articulate and we enjoyed the masses of information he supplied us.

We visited Parthenon, which was extraordinarily wonderful. The place was littered with history and Greek mythology which was well explained by our tour guide. We saw the Greek Parliament and the change of guards was interesting.

After our tour had ended we visited numerous interesting shops in Athens and then we left for our villa. Our day was very interesting; we visited historical places and experienced the modern lifestyle of Athens.

Next day we made another early start, as we needed to travel a long distance to Delphi. Once we had arrived we visited the monuments there, like the amphitheatre. Delphi was older than Parthenon so the amphitheatre was not as large as the one in Parthenon. There was a museum in Delphi as well, which contained many historical artefacts, models and statues.

The scenery was great in Delphi as we were on the top of a mountain. We ate a lovely meal at one of the local tavernas in Delphi. We invited Panagiotis to join us for lunch and enjoyed a lovely chat with him while eating a nice local meal.

On our last day in Greece we again woke up early and left for Athens for our final excursion. When we arrived at Athens we took a bus to the nearest port as we were going on a one-day cruise to visit three outer Greek islands - Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

We first started with the furthest island Hydra. The weather was fine and when we first arrived we were in awe. Hydra is a picture perfect, calm island with the blue sea surrounding it with clear water.

No vehicles were permitted in Hydra as it was that small. Instead the most popular use of transportation was riding donkeys. There were many restaurants and shops which were selling souvenirs.

Our next stop on the cruise was Poros. This island was still beautiful, although I preferred Hydra. The use of vehicles was allowed on Poros. The island was substantially larger than Hydra; however it was still a very small island.

Our final destination was Aegina.We had visited a Greek orthodox church there. We arrived back to Athens and Panagiotis was waiting for us to take us back to the villa for the last time.

Our Greek holiday provided a lovely blend of historical and modern Greece. We met some warm people who were very kind and friendly. We returned back to England hoping that we would return to Greece very soon.

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