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My World Cup plans

Young Ayandeep will be shouting for Brazil this time round, but he hopes one day India will make its way to the world cup.

Ayandeep Chattopadhyay
Tue, Jun 10 2014

Illustration: Rajat Dey

About Ayandeep

Ayandeep is an avid football follower and a die-hard Brazil fan. A Class-VIII student of Adamas International School in Kolkata, he also enjoys playing cricket and piano.

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World Cup 2014 is here! I am a sports lover and an avid follower of football from my childhood days. I started liking football when I was in Class (Year) 1. That’s when I first saw Brazil playing Germany. It was so thrilling!

Four years just whistled by, I was only 10-years-old during the last world cup. In no time, the world cup is back and I am 14 now. Too excited to watch the matches of Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and England - I have decided to watch all the matches of these teams.

I’m slightly bothered about the difficult-hour - late night or early morning matches as mom’s permission is needed to watch them. The next challenge is to wake up on time as I also enjoy sleeping.

Some of my friends and me have planned to watch those breath-taking matches together. We have also shared responsibilities to make the world cup season more enjoyable. Some of us will arrange snacks, some soft drinks and the likes.

We have also worked out the venues to watch different matches on television. We will watch Argentina matches in the house of one of our friends, who happens to be a supporter of the Argentinian side. I being a die-hard Brazil supporter, all the matches played by the host country will be watched at my place. I have already told my mom that whatever be the case, I will not miss a single match of Brazil. I eagerly look up to this tournament as preparations are being taken everywhere. I expect it to be a big thriller. This time round, I have high hopes on Brazil as the Brazilian players are in top form.

Thinking of the FIFA World Cup, the most exciting thing for me is the speed, passion and the picture-perfect performance of the players, the spectators, the humming sound from the gallery and of course the waves. It’s not easy to express my feelings.

Often I dream that one day I will be able to watch India play in the FIFA World Cup. Then I wouldn’t have to support other countries. I strongly believe that the day is not far, although India is well below at 154 (June 2014) in the FIFA ranking.

I hope it’s not more than 10 years as football is a very popular game in India and the Indians are too interested in the game. We only need some backing from the government.

As we wait for the day, for now its Brazil, Brazil and Brazil!

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