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Photo of the Week: Sunset

Anirban Ray
Mon, Jul 15 2013

About Anirban

I’m an Enterprise Architect working for a top technology company. As a photographer I work as an independent artist and run my travel photography website I’m also an author and published my first work of fiction in 2008.

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The sunsets in Florida Keys, especially Key West, are so awesome that I found it impossible to select a single picture to represent its beauty. Every sunset that I witnessed had this other worldly feel—almost ethereal. When you are in Key West, it’s almost customary to visit Mallory Square for its spectacular sunset.

This particular sunset photo though taken using an iPhone5, looked so amazing that I knew I had to share it with you.

See rest of the snaps for this trip on my blog.

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Rahul Chatterjee (Friday, Aug 30 2013):

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