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Murg Mussallam

Though a typical North-West Indian chicken (murg) dish, it is a favorite among all non-vegetarian lovers.

Anuradha Bhunia
Sun, Jun 15 2014

Photography: Anuradha

About Anuradha

Growing up in Kalyani (WB), I learned cooking watching my mother. (She was really a good cook!). I started my own gastronomic journey on being married in a new country and experienced the challenges of adapting my recipes to the local availability of ingredients and also adopted recipes from all over the world.

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This is my own version of Murg Mussallam.

Use one Cornish hen or whatever young chicken you have. Make big (six) pieces and marinate in salt and Greek yogurt (or use hung yogurt) for 6 hrs. Pour 1/2 cup of oil (mine was olive oil. Alternatively, you can use ghee and oil together), add one medium finely sliced onion, fry till translucent. Add garlic paste, cashew paste and red chili powder. Fry for a while, add chicken pieces and then add the remaining liquid from the marinade and few strands of saffron. Cook on a low flame for 30mins.

Garnish with crispy fried brown onion and sprinkle ΒΌ tsp garam masala on top.

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